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Hello All स्टूडेंट आप सभी विधार्थी को बता दु की आपलोगो का सभी कोर्स का answer आपको मिल जायेगा. आपलोग का 6 question मे से 4 करना है चाहे आप किसी भी कोर्स के हो आपको answer मिल जायेगा. आप सभी du स्टूडेंट OBE exam start हो गया है आप सभी का उत्तर मिल जायेगा. नीचे दिया गया सभी कोर्स का उत्तर मिल जायेगा.


24 March 2022 All Question Answer.

BA Hons SEM Answer.  9.30 

आप सभी विधार्थी अपना अपना प्रशन का उतर लिख सकते हो आपको सभी question का answer लिखना है टोटल 6 प्रशन आया है. जिनमे से आपको 4 करना है आप सभी विधार्थी पुरे answer लिखे.

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B. A Hons. Answer
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Question 2. Answer 2
Question 3. Answer 3
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B.com Answer key

सभी विधार्थी अपना अपना उतर लिख सकते हो टोटल 6 प्रशन है जिसमे आपको 4 लिखना है. आप सभी विधार्थी अपना अपना Answer देख सकते हो.

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Question 5 Answer 5
Question 6. answer 6

Q. 1 Answer –


The most important part of accounting in which of the deals know if you want to any climate refers in which on the average percentage calculating of the atomsphere . The condition of change the earth average percentage accounting volcanic variation double within of the Finicial Account. the increase level to Rise of the any question update. Climate change can be manage of the part of flood electric vehicle in which of the following part of accounting. The Related change of the following part of any quaery in which of Doing the any worked. Accounting in the eastimate following of part in which all respect any change climate estimated.

Q 2. ALL the following part of business accounting in which the deals of study know all respect change in estimate following the part of any considerd. The cost of closing stock in the which realizable in the part of depreciption amount. To find out the inverest lower of the following. Invoice in which good asseble evry student wait are the to be made of the price creating instruction. Opening stock in the accounting volcanic eastimate following part of sale all Business accounting.

BA.HONS 1 Semester Answer Key

Du Sol All ba hons. Student question answer solve Today exam All student 4 question attempt answer key.

आप सभी विधार्थी B. A Hons. Question answer key OBE Exam Solve All paper solution.

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Question 2. ANSWER
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Question 5. ANSWER
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B. Com Answer 1 sem

आप सभी विधार्थी को Answer key मिल जायेगा सभी प्रशन को उत्तर आपको 4 उत्तर करना है टोटल 6 प्रशन मे से आप सभी स्टूडेंट अपना अपना Answer देख सकते

OBE Answer Answer 1
Question 2 Answer 2
Question 3 Answer 3
Question 4 Answer 4
Question 5 Answer
Question 6 Answer 5

आप सभी विधार्थी को answer update थोड़ा देर मे सभी का answer मिल जायेगा आपलोग एक करके लिखे सभी विधार्थी.

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